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Alejandro Tejada
Hi Mike

I am not laughing at LC 9.

I am laughing because Artificial Inteligence very soon will become the
latest and greatest addiction for every Current Operating System.

Google, Microsoft and Apple are working 24/7 (with multiple
laboratories around the world) to bring AI first to their own
platform: AI Practical & Ready for everyday use.

Probably, Microsoft wins this race because they have millions of
devoted testers within their gaming platform: XBOX


At first, Artificial Inteligence integration within applications would
be a not too common feature like text reading or voice control. My
educated guess is that in their first iteration, AI will start
unobtrusive as a helper for common and repetitive tasks.

The big question is: Which of these three AI API will implement first
LiveCode? Apple? Microsoft? or Google? Or a Third Party?
How many years will pass before these companies agree to create an
interoperable standard among their implementations?

Time will tell. Let's hope and wait.


Mike Kenner wrote:
> Perhaps you should have a look at what's coming in 9
> before you laugh at it. The last three major versions
> brought major changes. 9 is kinda important.

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