9.0RC1 Scrolling on Sub-Groups

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9.0RC1 Scrolling on Sub-Groups

Mike Kerner via use-livecode
Look like an exciting release.

Scrolling is everything on mobile apps. I am having to hire out develop on HTML5 for this one reason. Hopefully we can integrate with the browser widget. But I don't do HTML5 …I see those in release notes

DataGrid 2: Edit Mode and Swipe Actions

Create mobile scroller when reopening a Data Grid

Does this mean that we get performance on DataGrid 2?  On sub-group, template subgroup, used create a row, that, many be 100 rows long, or 31 day (a month in a calendar)

I stay away from such groups. I simply draw controls out on an order that appear as a group… but are not. But this is painful.

For some who are using DataGrid2 on mobile, perhaps  you can give us an update?


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