A bug that changed a setting in my system...

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A bug that changed a setting in my system...

Lynch, Jonathan

Hello everyone,

So, I did not realize there was a bug in 2.5 that causes a problem if
you have bug in a resizestack handler. I had a resizestack handler that
referred to a group that did not exist (misspelled the name of the
group). This caused the usual execution error, but then things got
wonky. This caused my stack to non-resizable, but I found notes in the
archives of this group that told me how to fix that.

However, it also seems to have changed a setting in my system (windows
XP) on my computer at home. Now, none of my windows, on any program
including internet explorer, will do live resizing. Before this
happened, I had no problem with my stacks doing live resizing, and so
did my browser.

Now, live resizing seems to be turned off at the system level.

I think it is kind of creepy that bug would change a system setting like
that - I can imagine such a thing happening to a client - they would get
most irate.

Does anyone know how to reset the live resizing setting on Windows XP? I
have not been able to figure it out.



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