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A few solutions to problems I had

hh via use-livecode
I needed to refresh an app today, not one in any store, just a utility app I made for a friend. It didn’t go easily!

First issue was that between my old MacBook Pro running macOS 10.14, and my new MacBook Pro running 10.13.6, I couldn’t find a combination of LiveCode and Xcode that would work. I tried versions 7, 8, and 9. Then I tried 9.0.1 rc1 with my new machine, and that finally worked!

That soon got me through to the next error, which was about how it couldn’t find a valid signing entity. The phrase was clear enough that it made it easy to find a post that Scott Rossi had made, talking about how Apple’s certificate had expired. I grabbed the new version but it wasn’t enough, so I revoked and remade my certificate and profile, and then I was able to install onto my iOS 12 iPad (using Xcode).

The app, of course, crashed immediately, but that one I knew the answer to already! I added the acceleratedRendering = true code, and the app got further. It jumps to a second stack as part of what it does, and then the crash happened again. Interesting that acceleratedRendering doesn’t persist between stacks. I added the code to the second stack, and things are all good now, even on iOS 12.

One challenge though is that the Mac my friend has with him at the moment has an old enough version of iTunes that it could be used for install apps, but the iOS on his iPad is too new for that iTunes to cope with. Next best option is to use the Apple Configurator 2 from the App Store, but his Mac OS is too old to run that application. One thing that would be bound to work in the iPhone Configuration Utility, but Apple have removed the download page for that. I don’t seem to have a copy of it anymore.

He’s going to be somewhere with a more modern Mac on Friday, and so should be able to install the app with the new configuration tool. Installing apps can be quite tricky sometimes!
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