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[ANN] Answer Dialog Links Patch

Eric Chatonet

I had a couple of minutes :-)
So I wrote a little patch for the built-in Rev Answer Dialog allowing  
to display prompts providing functional links:
Please, note that the patched Answer dialog will only recognize the  
following link types:
A website address: http://www.sosmartsoftware.com/
A mailTo: [hidden email]

Just paste in the message box:
go url "http://www.sosmartsoftware.com/downloads/ 

Or go to Rev Online (user: So Smart Software - stack "Answer Dialog  
Links Patch")

And enjoy!

PS. If you desire to learn how to built answer dialogs in html  
providing styled prompts with links and other features, just download  
Tutorials Picker from the So Smart Software website or Rev Online.  
This plugin lets you access to many tutorials, one of which, called  
"Managing Answer Dialogs", provides an automated html prompt builder  
to get you started.

Best Regards from Paris,

Eric Chatonet.
So Smart Software

For institutions, companies and associations
Built-to-order applications: management, multimedia, internet, etc.
Windows, Mac OS and Linux... With the French touch

Free plugins and tutorials on my website
Web site        http://www.sosmartsoftware.com/
Email        [hidden email]/
Phone        33 (0)1 43 31 77 62
Mobile        33 (0)6 20 74 50 86

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