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[ANN] Ignore my last ANN re: ReplaceText

Ken Ray
(This will teach me to not send things before their time...)

What I posted as a bug with replaceText in 2.6 is actually a bug in 2.5.1
that I was taking advantage of and thought it was "normal", so when it was
fixed in 2.6 I thought it was a bug.

As many have pointed out to me, the statement:

    put replaceText("This    is    a    test"," *"," ")

is actually bad regex, as I should have been using a "+" instead of a "*" in
the expression. When I used "+", everything was fine.

So after I wipe the egg off my face, I'll be fixing the XML Library and
reposting for those who wish to download a new version from my site.

Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused anyone.

Ken Ray
Sons of Thunder Software
Web site: http://www.sonsothunder.com/
Email: [hidden email]

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