[ANN] Order Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner now!

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[ANN] Order Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner now!

Hi coders,

In one month, it will be Christmas again. During this time, we are often
told that shipments are urgent. If you want to have your copy of the
book before the holidays, don't wait but order it now. Any orders placed
until Monday 28th November will be sent on Wednesday 30st November. This
should give the shipping companies sufficient time to deliver the book
to your door.

We're currently at the fourth print run of my book Programming LiveCode
for the Real Beginner. When the third print run was sold out, we decided
to print a large stock of books, so we have plenty of copies available
for immediate delivery.

The fourth print of Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner has been
updated to include a number of new XML commands, which were introduced
after the first release of the book. I have also added a few remarks
about LiveCode 7 to the chapter on Unicode.

Quite a few new features have been added to LiveCode 7 and 8, but it
looks like the examples in the book are still fully compatible with
LiveCode 8. Keep in mind, though, that the book is for beginners and
focuses on the basics of the LiveCode language.

You can order the book at http://tinyurl.com/livecodebook and more info
is available at http://tinyurl.com/livecodeblog

Kind regards,

Mark Schonewille

Buy the most extensive book on the
LiveCode language:

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Kind regards,

Drs. Mark Schonewille

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Re: [ANN] Order Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner now!

Peter Alcibiades
I bought the first edition and thought it absolutely excellent.  The only section that could have been made more accessible was on arrays.  People have a real conceptual difficulty with them, or some do, and its very hard to explain.  There comes a moment when you realise that there is nothing really to be puzzled about, but before that they just stare at you and from time to time ask, but what is it, exactly?  

You soon find that explaining it in terms of three D spreadsheets does not help, because in short order you are asking them to visualize four and five and more dimensions, which leads to more agonised stares.

But with this small reservation, that this section could benefit from some expansion, I thought it was excellent, well recommended.

It might be better to refer to them as 'editions' rather than 'printings', when the text is revised.  Just a suggestion.