ANN: PowerTools 2.0.12

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ANN: PowerTools 2.0.12

Richard Gaskin via use-livecode
Now that version 9.0 of LiveCode has been released, we're announcing the
new build of PowerTools.

Upgrades are always free for existing users, and it's still only $40 US
for new users.
Current registered users: You will need your username and registration
code to download the file. If you need your registration code again for
any reason, drop me a line.

PowerTools 2.0.12 is a drop-in plugin replacement for the IDE's built-in
tools palette.

It gives you

* better controls organization
* natively-drawn controls (not monochrome svg)
* improved paint tools with persistent properties
* additional controls
* widget organization using folders and aliases
* save screen real estate (double-click to minimize or restore)
* improved widget image cacheing for speed
* much, much more

see more at:

  Mark Wieder
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