Adding an icon to an EXE file via Livecode script

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Adding an icon to an EXE file via Livecode script

Matthias Rebbe via use-livecode
Has anyone done this or does anyone know how to copy and icon from and
.ico file to a .exe file and set its resource ID using LiveCode Script?

I have an on standalonesaved handler that automates much of my post
standalone build process, but my app has a number of different document
types each with their own icons. For OSX this is as easy as copying the
additional icons to the .app folder/bundle and updating the plist file's
XML to reference them

For Windows, this becomes a manual process of using a tool (I use one
called Resource Editor) to add the icon files to the standalone EXE.

I'd like to put this into my post build script if there is some way to
do it. Any advice out there?

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