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Mike Kerner via use-livecode
Hi All,

Check these files that I am using to develop and test faster,
much faster, any stack using a real Android devices (rooted),
without the limitations of device emulation.

1) Stack Opener v3 (Android APK) Download from:

Install this Apk that only open any stack named "test.livecode" placed
inside Android's Documents folder.

2) Android Stack Opener (Compressed stack) Download from this post
in the forum:

This stack allows to open all other stacks within Android's Documents
folder. Follow these steps to configure:

1) Decompress this stack,
2) rename this stack as: test.livecode
3) place it within your Android's Documents folder

After you follow these steps, open Installed APK and
click topleft button to open the stack test.livecode

Tell me if this works fine in your own setup.

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