Any feedback or suggestions for InstaMaker and WinSignHelper?

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Any feedback or suggestions for InstaMaker and WinSignHelper?

Bob Sneidar via use-livecode

in the first quarter of this year i posted links to my utilities InstaMaker and WinSignHelper.

InstaMaker <>
InstaMaker is a Windows app which allows you to create Windows Installers based on Innosetup. There is even a Wine version for Mac OSX available which allows to create Windows Installers on Mac OS X. Drag your Windows app folder to Instamaker window and Instamaker creates the installer for you.

WinSignHelper <>
WinSignHelper is an OS X app which works as a gui for osslsigncode utlity to digitally sign Windows .exe and .dll files under Mac OS X. A code signing certificate is needed.

I´ve asked this already in the past, but unfortunately i did not receive any feedback until today.

Has anyone used one of these apps in the meantime and is willing to give me some feedback or suggestions what could be done better?
I am using them very often and have no problems, but that´s normal. The own children are always the cutest.
So if you have any comments, please fell free to send me an email to matthias (at)



P.s.: This is the last time i ask for feedback, i promise. ;)
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