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Bug? or unexpected feature ??

Bob Sneidar via use-livecode
This is on LC Server (various versions).

My main script is simply

> <?livecode
> put "folder1/folder2/my_script.livecode" into temp1
> put "about to try" && temp1 & "<br>"
> start using stack temp1
> hereweare
Inside the sub-directory "folder1/folder2" I have a script-only stack
"my_script.livecode", which says

> script "mine"
> command hereweare
>   put "here we are inside folder1/folder2/"
> end hereweare
And, as expected, when I run the script, it outputs:

about to try folder1/folder2/my_script.livecode
here we are inside folder1/folder2/

I happen to have a same-named script file "my_script.livecode" at the
top level (with slightly different content) - but that of course doesn't
matter *until* I delete the lower-down file (i.e.

Then, somehow,    'start using stack temp1'   doesn't fail (which I
think it should), but instead it loads in the stack script at the top
level. Surely "start using stack: shouldn't ignore the relative path
specified ?

Anyway - it does, and produces as output

about to try folder1/folder2/my_script.livecode
here we are on top

which is the output given by the top-level version of the library script.

So - is that a bug or a feature I've failed to understand :-) ?



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