CreateMobileAudioPlayer - Fails on Mobile 9.6.0.dp1

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CreateMobileAudioPlayer - Fails on Mobile 9.6.0.dp1

Mark Wieder via use-livecode
Rather than file a bug report, I think we can air this out here on the list first. then if it is a bug will file it.

This work on in 9.5.1 rc 1, but is failing on 9.6 dp1. I immediately crashes the app as soon as we pass the parameters to it. We are not using and the "no-longer-available"  commands noted in the release notes
"iOS mobile player control updated to use AVKit"

command createMobileAudioPlayer pURL, pPlayerName, pRect
        local tHeight,tPlayloc
        if pPlayerName is among the lines of mobileControls() then
                mobileControlDelete pPlayerName -- init
        end if
        mobileControlCreate "player", pPlayerName
        put the result into sPlayerId
        if pRect is empty then
                put the rect of player pPlayerName into pRect
        end if
        # set the play control without a controller present
        -- adjust location for mobile:--### FIND OUT IF THIS IS NEEDED ON iOS
        if the platform is "android" then
                if the short name of this card is "surprise_audio" then
                        subtract 70 from item 2 of pRect
                        -- android player controls appear above the player; adjust
                        -- with controller it's about 4x rect of cd player so align the bottom edges:
                        # this is hard wired to the bottom of the card for now.
                        put item 4 of pRect - item 2 of pRect into tHeight
                        put CardHeight() - safeBottomMargin() - 70 into item 4 of pRect
                        put (item 4 of pRect) - tHeight - 50 into item 2 of pRect
                end if
        end if
        put pRect into sPlayerRect
        mobileControlSet pPlayerName, "visible", false
        mobileControlSet pPlayerName, "showcontroller", false
        mobileControlSet pPlayerName, "rect", pRect
        --mobileControlSet pPlayerName, "showController", true
        mobileControlSet pPlayerName, "filename", pURL
        if pURL begins with "https" then
                showBusyIndicator true, "Loading audio..."
                        -- add loading indicator until duration is available
        end if
        if mobileIdleTimerLocked() is false then
                mobileLockIdleTimer --jg: disallow screen lock
        end if

Do you see anything wrong?

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