Debian Linux and Rev CGI

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Debian Linux and Rev CGI

Dan Shafer
My hosting service ( tech support folks  
responded to my request for GLIBC 2,.3 support as apparently required  
by the Linux Rev CGi engine, with the following comment:

> almost 90% of hosts that
> run Debian systems run the stable version which was Woody up until the
> beginning of this month. Debian woody is based on glibc2.2 . We are
> upgrading to the latest Debian which is sarge (3.1) which will upgrade
> glibc as well to a more recent version at the end of this summer.

So I'll just be patient until the end of the summer. Meanwhile, I'm  
honing my Python/PHP skill set, hardly a painful experience.

I assume this is a Debian issue and that Red Hat Linux uses GLIBC  
2.3, which explains the anomaly.

Dan Shafer, Co-Chair
RevConWest '05
June 17-18, 2005, Monterey, California

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