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Export vector graphics v05

General 2018 via use-livecode
Hi All,

This download is an update to a stack posted 10 years ago in the mail list.

This stack exports all vector graphics pasted in the first card as PDF,
Adobe Ilustrator (v7) or SVG.
Please test first if you could open every type of file produced by this

Before pasting your graphics, export all included graphics as PDF, Adobe
Ilustrator and SVG and open these files using programs installed in your
computer or tablet.

After you verify that files exported by this stack open correctly, you are
ready to delete all included graphics and paste your own graphics in the
first card. Report any errors and read the source code to add your own
improvements. I hope that one of you become motivated enough and helps in
the creation of code that exports gradients in each format (or just svg

By the way, only latest Inkscape versions (0.92 and later) could edit these
exported svg. Previous Inkscape versions do not understand how to handle
polylines and polygons...

Download from this post in the forum:

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