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Ralph DiMola via use-livecode
On 10/16/20 9:57 AM, Dan Friedman wrote:
> Mark,
> THANK YOU for the reply...   Line 2185 is:
> put sTime + ((timeOffset*60)*60) into sTime

That's what I thought. The error you're getting (see Jacque's annotated
list) is pointing to an invalid value for sTime in some iteration of
that function call. My guess is either sTime is empty or not a numeric

Try something like this to pinpoint the error:

   if char 1 of timeOffset = "-" then
     put ((timeOffset*60)*60) into pTimeOffset
     put sTime - pTimeOffset into sTime
         put sTime + ((timeOffset*60)*60) into sTime
     catch e
         put the sTime & cr executionContexts & cr after msg
     end try
   end if

  Mark Wieder
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