Help: script works fine in dev not in standalone

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Help: script works fine in dev not in standalone

Emilio Gagliardi
Hi Sarah,
and all you have responded...

Does this rely on scripts that are in the parent stack? If so, you
may need to:
      start using stack "Parent"
so that it's scripts are available to the child stack(s).

Hmm, maybe this is it.  I have a global variable in the parent stack  
that I want to access in the child stack.  I thought that a global  
variable created in a parent stack was implicitly available in sub  
stacks...well let me be more precise, in development, a global  
variable in the parent stack *IS* available to the sub stack,  
however, after some testing it appears as though this is not the case  
in standalone mode.

So you're saying that if in the parent stack script I create a global  
variable, I need to place this:
start using stack "Parent"
in the stack script of all child stacks that will be opened by the  

 > I guess this leads to a more general question, one that i asked a
 > few days ago, but obviously didn't quite figure out, and that is, I
 > need an application to load sub stacks.  I need the sub stack to
 > perform some non-interruptible task, and then pass control back to
 > the parent stack.  They need to share data.  is it silly to compile
 > the parent stack and leave all sub stacks as .rev files?

NO, I don't think it is silly to do it this way as it makes updating
very easy. I have a major application that hasn't been re-built for
about 10 months, but it has about 20 separate sub-stacks that have
had numerous updates. However, you may wish to make the stack opening
stack very simple. Just give it a single button that asks for a stack
and opens it. Then have your next stack file have 2 stacks, with the
mainStack opening one of it's own substacks as a modal dialog.

I tried modal for the child but ran into some problems, but it  
appears the problem might have been how I was sharing data not the  
window type itself...

Thank you all, this is helpful.
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