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[INFO] FileInfo function uploaded

The flexible FileInfo function posted  yesterday to this list is now
publically available in the Online Scrapbook  (along with other scripts, handlers,
functions and tidbits for transcript and  other languages).

What is this Online Scrapbook, then?
The online  Scrapbook is the 'shared access' part of the Scripter's
Scrapbook. It allows you  to quickly and easily publish and browse scripts, tutorials,
articles or  anything you already have in your own Scrapbook, point to web
resources and  online stacks, even offer your stuff for sale if you wish. You
have over 180  languages to choose from (or use in combination) under 44
different categories.  You can choose to be anonymous, specify usage restrictions,
update your Entries  at any time, and grant shared modification permissions for
joint projects. The  system is very fast thanks to cached indexing, operates
direct with your own  'desktop' Scrapbook, and is a snap to use.

The Scripter's  Scrapbook

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