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Bob Sneidar via use-livecode
Added today #12: Before-After-Image

Before-After-Image shows horizontally or vertically an "original" image
(image "before") and a part of it visually replaced by the changed image
(image "after").

You select the proportions of the parts by sliders.
The stack is "pure" LC Script and runs with LC 6/7/8/9 on Mac/Win/linux.


The LC-Magick Collection.

LC-Magick #12 - Before-After-Image (hh)
LC-Magick #11 - ReflectImage (hh)
LC-Magick #10 - Color Tonality Curve (hh)
LC-Magick #9 - Selective Gray (hh)
LC-Magick #8 - MoonEffect (Fisheye) (hh and bn)
LC-Magick #7 - Cuboid (hh)
LC-Magick #6 - Bilinear Perspective Distortion (hh and bn)
LC-Magick #5 - Circular/Polar Image Distortion (hh and bn)
LC-Magick #4 - Linear Perspective Image Distortion (hh)
LC-Magick #3 - Image Multiplexing (hh)
LC-Magick #2 - Pointillize (hh)
LC-Magick #1 - Blur and Pixelate (ScottR)

A lot of the ideas above is based on ideas presented in imageMagick's
documentation, see

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