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Levure update: Customizing builds

Matthias Rebbe via use-livecode
Hi list,

I made a screencast introducing a new features I've been working on for the
Levure packager. Applications that are delivered to different target groups
may have different distribution requirements. On macOS a common example is
an application that is distributed through the developers website as well
as the Mac App Store (MAS). Some of the files that are required for the MAS
version are different than those required for the non-MAS version.

The screencast introduces the `build profiles filter` and `platform filter`
properties. These two properties help you customize the files included with
different build profiles when packaging up a Levure application for

While the example in the screencast looks at the needs for MAS/non-MAS the
`build profiles filter` can also be used to customize which UI components,
libraries, externals, extensions, etc. are included. Another potential
example would be an app with different UIs for mobile and desktop. Your
Levure application could include code and UI files for both platforms but
only the relevant files would be included when packaging the app.


Trevor DeVore
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