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Old=?ISO-8859-2?B?+A==?=ich Peroutka
Hi all,

can anybody help me. I am the beginner in Revolution yet and I have 2

The First question:
I have wrote the programm is comparing contain of 2 folders each other. The
first folder (source) contain is written to the first field, ?listField1?
and the second folder contain (destination) is written to the second field
?listField2?. The Items (only files) of the first field ?listField1? there
aren?t in the second field ?listField2? are written into the third field
?listField3?. This works ?OK? on local HardDrive (Mac OS 9.2.2, Windows 98
and Windows 2000) bat if I choose Folders (Source/Destination) on the net
(Ethernet - Windows) it doesn?t work. Can anybody tell me why?

The Second question:
In this programm I make button ?Open? for selected file. On ?click? to this
button, the selected file is opened in associated application. Previous to
the ?Click? I don?t know this application and the programm determines this
application without my assistance. It works ?OK? in Windows (98, 2000), and
local HardDrive. Knows anybody how to write this commands for opening of
selected file in its associated application in Mac OS 9.2.2?

The program I?m writing on Mac OS 9.2.2 and I have RunRev 5 for Mac OS

Thanks all for help O.P.

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