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Mike Kerner via use-livecode
Referencing: Community Coding Standards, Naming Conventions, Best Practice
Richard Gaskin wrote:"These are good questions"...

put "Thank you, Richard" into myArrayKey ["private"]
put "It seems Richard is spending all his days and nights here in the
mailing lists and forums. There must be thousands of messages by now
attached to his name. But it is really enjoyable to read all his posts.
Thanks to him for this huge effort. I think I could state that all others
here feel the same" into my Array ["public"].

And very good answers are coming from all sides. I enjoy reading.


I read a lot of very critical and even nasty remarks regarding the site. And really, it needs improvement. Is there someone
in charge of that site? Because it could be a good ground to publish ideas
and guidelines in a central place. I am willing to contribute, but I can
not manage such site.

This could be the location to place Community Coding Standards, Naming
Conventions, Best Practice, etc.

Just here are some first ideas from my first brainstorming out of the blue
for the content development of such site. It is just an unordered
brainstorming list to help to establish a real community platform.

- Big invitation to the Community (and community version)
- Download Community version together with a functional useful
professionally made application that works everywhere
- Download of more ready-made solutions and starting stacks with a very
up-to-date GUI for all devices
  (Of course well documented in all details, a guide for newbies to
understand each line of code)
- What is LiveCode and what it is not?
--- What makes LiveCode unique in comparison? = Unique Selling Proposition
--- Comparison with other similar programming languages
--- Comparison with very popular languages
--- Comparison with other OOP implementations, dot notation, etc.
- LiveCode's worldwide market (why not open up more to other regions in the
- LiveCode terminology (abbreviations, acronyms, glossary)
- LiveCode system architecture (how is the engine working? Compiler...
deeper insight)
- LiveCodes (LCS and LCB), even driven system, messaging
   (And of course, explanations why it is as it is)
- LiveCode language features
---- LCS and LCB
- Coding standards
- Naming standards
- IDE guide
- Deployment guide (always updated to latest)
- Online interactive language learning course
- Online dictionary of certain computer and LiveCode terms (Chinese,
Japanese, Arabic, French,.. )
- Associations/representations in various countries (speaking their local
language, organizing local workshops)
- Best practice (A huge section for best practice with code examples and
- Stack exchange (the one on has a lot of "old" stacks, but
very few new ones
- Marketplace, stacks, LCB widgets, LCS widgets
- Reviews
- Community projects
- Articles from users (blog)
- Sponsoring (attracting sponsors as well)
- .Ads section (publishing paid ads)
- Links
- Support

Mmh. It is pretty much work to build and maintain ). We should find a
sponsor. )

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