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LiveCode's Documentation Translation

Alejandro Tejada
Hi All,

I am building a spanish translation dictionary for
Livecode documents.

For this purpose, these books are really useful:

The first and last book "HyperCard e HyperTalk" and
"SuperCard, Mas alla del HyperCard" were a gift from
the autor, Mr. Enrique Castillo.

The book in the middle: "HyperCard, Manual de Referencia"
was borrowed from a local library.
This library stores 3 copies of  this book. I just hope
that these books does not end in the trash when they
rediscover them. Only 3 persons have used this book
since 1991. Wish me luck, trying to buy a copy from them.

Please, check your own collection of computer books and
tell me if you know about other translations of books
on xTalk languages (including Macromedia Director's Lingo).

If you want to translate the docs of your apps in spanish,
write me a message. I am sure that we could work within
your budget and time frame.

Have a nice day!