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Hi Tisik, 30/3/18

I have a bad flu but wil attend to this during thes Easter week-end.
What do you say about my questions/suggestions (notably how to pass some work to our lab: partner or not? --).

In order to progress, I need to have a concret view of the 2 "use cases".
Who is in charge at ATOS and Segittur?
I would like to discuss with them through Skype, please gice me their ids.



> Le 30 mars 2018 à 03:52, Itsik Arbel <[hidden email]> a écrit :
> I received the Partner INPUTS that you sent, but actually you did NOT fill the second half of the document, which is the most important:
> 4. Input for Section “4:  <>Members of the consortium”
> Best regards + Happy Easter,
> Itsik

Christian Boitet
(Pr. émérite Université Grenoble Alpes)