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Mark Wieder via use-livecode
I have a email CGI from a very old cgi for the days when "revolution" was the server

Now with LiveCode server, Ubuntu 18+  does have


installed, at least I see that, but this old process does not work

put "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t" into mprocess
open process mprocess for write
        write "From:" && (urlDecode (tDataIn["from"]))& cr to process mprocess
        write "To:" &&   tRecipients  &  cr to process mprocess
        write "Subject:" &&   (urlDecode (tDataIn["subject"]))   &  cr & cr to process mprocess
        write    (urlDecode (tDataIn["body"])) &  cr to process mprocess
close process mprocess  
if the result is not empty then
     put the result into tResponse
    put tResponse
end if

I think we don't use "open process" anymore. What is the LiveCode server method now?


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