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MatchText and PCRE

David Vaughan
The documentation says to see the PCRE manual for regular expression  
syntax. The PCRE manual refers to certain properties set as part of a  
C program. Consequently, I am unsure of the answers to the following  
four questions. True, I can experiment to see how these currently  
work but that will not answer the question of whether those  
behaviours are modifiable, so I am seeking answers before I dive in  
to using matchText.

Is it greedy? If so, is that reversible and how?

Does the dot match newline? If not, can it be made to do so?

Does a pattern like ".*" match empty? If not, can it be changed?

Is case-sensitivity in matchText affected by Rev's caseSensitive  
property? It appears not. Is case sensitivity settable?


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