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Hello Jim,

I did it with following script:

on mouseUp
     repeat with i = 1 to the number of lines of fld Wrds
         set cursor to busy
         put char 1 to 2 into Abr1
         put char 3 to 4 into Abr2
         put char 5 to 6 into Abr3
         put char 7 to 8 into Abr4
         put char 9 to 10 into Abr5
         if fld eles contains Abr1 and fld eles contains Abr2 and fld  
eles contains Abr3\
             and fld eles contains Abr4 and fld eles contains Abr5 then
             put "   "&abr1&&abr2&&abr3&&abr4&&abr5 into word 2 of  
line i of fld Wrds
         end if
     end repeat
end mouseUp

This comes up with a number of words that fit the elements list but  
only one for a mode of travel; helicopter.

Thanks for the challenge!

Cheers, Roger

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> Subject: NPR puzzle
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> For my fellow puzzle addicts:
> Here is this weeks NPR puzzle (Sunday Weekend edition)
> Sunday Puzzle
> By Will Shortz
> Challenge for July 24:
> A 10-letter word for a form of travel, that consists of five
> consecutive symbols of chemical elements. What is it? If automobile
> had been the answer, AU, would represent Gold, MO would represent
> Molybdenum, and BI, would represent Bismuth. Unfortunately, the
> remaining bigrams, TO and LE, are not chemical symbols.
> I have put up a stack with two fields. The first contains all 10
> letter words in my dictionary.
> The second contains all two character elements from the periodic  
> table.
> You task, should you choose to adopt it, is to write a Run Rev
> handler to solve this weeks NPR puzzle defined above.
> In the message box:
> go stack url  ""
> Jim

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