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[OT-ANN] EcxFTP 1.0b05

Unofficial announcement of first public beta release

EcxFTP 1.0b05

FTP Client Software for Mac OS X

Dear friends,

Today, Economy-x-Talk is releasing the beta version a new product,  
called ecxFTP. EcxFTP is an FTP client for Mac OS X. We would like to  
make an early announcement to the Revolution list because ecxFTP was  
made with Revolution and might be useful to fellow developers.

EcxFTP is one of the least expensive FTP clients available. It is  
simple, provides everything you need to manage your FTP account,  
without overwhelming you with features. Keeping the interface of this  
FTP client as simple and intuitive as possible, Economy-x-Talk has  
created a typical Macintosh application, which seamlessly integrates  
with the Mac OS X interface.

We would like to invite you to visit the ecxFTP homepage at <http://
economy-x-talk.com/ecxftp.html>. There, you can download a free trial  
of the latest (beta) version of ecxFTP. The software will be fully  
functional for 30 days. After this trial period, you need a license  
key to re-activate the FTP client.

Currently, ecxFTP is in beta stage. Although it has been tested  
extensively during the past few weeks, there may still be small  
glitches. Economy-x-Talk would very much appreciate receiving bug  
reports and comments on our new products.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

P.S. Contact us if you are a regular visitor of ChatRev but have not  
received a free ecxFTP license.


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