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[OT] Alan Kay is angry

Richmond Mathewson via use-livecode
There are many critics about the dumbing down of education in many
countries, but only in USA, critics could afford to publish and sell
their ideas:


Just imagine that in the country where I live, to get a paying work in
Education, a person just needs the endorsement of a politician or a
bureaucrat... nothing else is needed or required.

For this reason, you could find daily news about party members that have
their whole family receiving US$ 2,000 (or more) monthly as public
employees in the Education Public system or...
Plantation owners who receive a check from the government for every field
worker that is listed as worker in our Education Public system.

By the way, Do you know that in the country where I live, any of you have a
better chance of receiving a payment from the government for your work,
thanks to the services of your country's Embassy?
That's a clear and definite advantage for every foreign worker or

How many of you would want to work for a government that requires that an
Embassy collect the payments for your work? :-o


Bob Sneidar wrote:

> I think it's a huge mistake to try and treat
> all children as though they are capable of
> learning as well as the top 10 percentile.
> This approach has been disasterous in american
> schools, because what actually happens is,
> classes become tailored to the lowest percentile
> of students to try and bring them along, and those
> who might have excelled are held back until a stage
> in their development where it is likely too late.
> In America, we call that "equality".
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