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Alex Tweedly

Actually, I don't really think it's off-topic - but it's a very general
software topic, rather than Rev or xtalk or ...

There's an interesting set of course notes on programming for scientists
and engineers (non-CS majors) at http://www.third-bit.com/swc/web/index.html

Some of it is language or environment specific - but a large part of it
isn't.  (Especially the first and last parts)
And much of it is interesting, amusing or infuriating - all the
hallmarks of a good read ....

I especially liked his "rule" at the end - highlights for me were:

    * A week of hard work can sometimes save you an hour of thought.
    * The deadline isn't when you're supposed to finish; the deadline is
      when it starts to be late.
    * Never debug standing up.
    * Tools are amplifiers: they allow good programmers to be better,
      and bad ones to be worse.

Alex Tweedly       http://www.tweedly.net

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