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Pattern Matching in Livecode

Alejandro Tejada
Hi Craig,

Your clever idea of reverting search terms works great too.
Many Thanks for answering my request! :D

I have posted a new stack and a screenshot
at the forum thread:

on mouseUp
   put fld id 1008 into WL -- 12 words
   put fld id 1014 into SC -- 1080 combinations

   repeat for each line Q in SC
      if lineoffset(word 1 of Q,WL) <> 0 and \
            lineoffset(word 2 of Q,WL) <> 0 and \
            lineoffset(word 3 of Q,WL) <> 0
         put word 1 to 3 of Q & return after tCombinations
      end if
   end repeat

   if the number of words of tCombinations > 2
      -- delete last char of tCombinations -- a CR character
      sort numeric descending tCombinations
      put word 1 to -1 of tCombinations into fld id 1025
      put "No matching set found" into fld id 1025
   end if

end mouseUp

Still, I am curious to learn if regex and arrays operations
could produce the same results but faster.

Have a nice week!


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