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Print to PDF renders poorly

I have a project where a number of fields and line graphics are placed on a card. All looks fine.

But when I print to PDF, the fields are distorted. The bottom and sides of each field are poorly rendered, as if the line widths were a fraction of 1, sometimes barely there, sometimes partly there, whereas the top always comes out normally.

Now I think I know that there is an imperfect "mapping" of objects and their locations on a card in terms of "pixel math" and the actual location of lines within that world. I am not sure what I just said makes sense or is even true. But moving all those fields down one pixel, or any other amount, does not help. Each field has a weak bottom and sides.

The fields are simple. No 3D, drop shadow or any other embellishment. Just bare rectangles. A rectangular graphic of lineWidth 1 always renders correctly, and I could frame the fields with them. But these controls render with a thicker apparent line width than a field (or at least the top of a field, the only portion that comes over correctly).

I am in 6.7.9 on Mac OS 10.10.5. I have not tested with v8, and frankly do not want to. I will see if this is fixed there, though, otherwise, I am stuck.

Am I the first person to have noticed this???

Craig Newman