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Sims said

> >>I'm planning on sticking with 2.6.1 until at least a
> version or two of upgrades are announced.

> >Rev 2.6.1 for at least a week (if not more).
> >TEST TEST TEST, then sell.
> >

This feels more like the microsoft software release process - release, sell
THEN fix...

I too am reverting to 2.6. It's pretty obvious that 2.7 was NOT
tested on windows as it should have.

I've entered 2 blocker bugzillas. The installer is bug ridden,
prefs don't save anymore, scrolling fields leave artifacts where the line
was selected, and after 3 days I've had 2 crashes already!

I can't even launch rev by double clicking a stack as in 2.6!
It opens rev, not my stack. Guess what happens if I try double-clicking on
stack again?

I do see fixes here and there, but with bugzilla 3322 and 3320 you
just can't release or work with 2.7 on windows.

Also the Rinaldis plug-ins, were definitely not tested "visually"...

All this blending and anti-aliassing is really going to help my business
applications! right!

6 new bugzillas in 3 days, countless to update to 2.7 including those from
early 2005... New release, same story!

133 bugzillas opened and it's not finished... This is seriously agravating
for windows users not to see any improvements as reported months ago...

I was hopping to update my enterprise licence this time, I guess it's going
to wait another round or two!


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