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Yesterday Chipp Walters wrote:
>Good link. Interesting idea. Double negative withstanding, I'm
>not sure if they're not the latest Peter Minuit, trading a few Apple trinkets for the next 'Killer App'. <>

>That said, the winner does get 15%, which is fine. But my guess
>is the real value is in all the apps voted on which _DON'T_ win.
>I wonder ifit's even possible to protect that sort of >intellectual property?

Any proud owner of a Revolution licence with a bright idea will be trying to develop it alone, not farming it out to a group of developers at the cost of 85% of eventual sales profit.

I thought the same as Chipp, (who preceded me), its the eliminated projects that are going to be the organizer's pay off!
This is known in Italy as "Putting out mirrors for nightingales" ---  a hunter's decoy trick for shooting down attracted birds. Good try though.

>From what I've read, if you don't know how to write your application just tell the good people here what you want to do and they will write it for you! (^_^)

The best to all.
Barry Barber

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