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Re: OT: Who can convert 3.5" diskettes with Hypercard stacks for me?

Quentin Long
sez Tiemo Hollmann TB:
> I have some 3.5" diskettes from my Mac from the beginning 90th with some
> HyperCard stacks which I just regained again.
> The HyperCard stacks are not vital for me, but if possible I would like to
> see them again (converted to LC), just as a memory.
> Is there anybody, who still has a Mac with diskette drive, who could copy
> the content for me? Best somebody in Europe for easier shipping?
  Sending the actual floppy disks thru (international?) mail may not be necessary. If Google Shopping can be trusted, floppy disk drives are *currently* available for under USD $20; depending on how many floppies you're talking about, and what the actual cost will be in your country (which appears to be Germany, judging by the ".de" in your email address), it might be a good idea for you to acquire one of those drives for this purpose.

> And is there a recipie, if and how I can convert HC stacks to LC format? I
> think I have read from time to time that it should be possible.
   Converting HC stacks to LiveCode format is trivial; just open them up in LiveCode. If you're very lucky, all of the HC code in your stacks will just run under LC, so nothing more will need to be done. If you're not very lucky, the HC code will have some easily-solved problems that prevent it from just running properly under LiveCode. And if you're very *un*lucky, the HC code will have *so* many problems that it might be better to just re-write all the code in LC and be done with it.

As it happens, Jacqueline Gay has a webpage on "Converting a HyperCard Stack to LiveCode":

Hopefully the information Gay assembled will be helpful to you.

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