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Re. Parsing properties in Link- and Internet Shortcut files

Mark Wieder via use-livecode
@ Matthias

Windows 10 with "ink" and "url" files:

Thank you very much for the link regarding ".lnk" files. I did not see this
before. I will look into it. I also checked the binary format as published
by Microsoft. I just answered Hakan without having read your suggestion. )
Sorry that I did not read your message before.

Regarding the empty files (maybe they could just not be read in LC for
whatever reason): Unfortunately, I have deleted them all. They had
assembled for years and I extracted their links with the Batch and stored
the links in a database.

Testing with different browsers dragging the Internet links, for the moment
there is no problem reading with such ".url" files. So, the problem may
have be very specific to my system and may not need further attention. If I
still find such file then I will it send to you. No problem.

Thanks to all here for attending
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