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I am storing my saved file as an XML file.
I restore the variable name into tglobal, restore the value into avar, then :

do "put avar into" && tglobal

The do statement also works for an array variable, but I do a loop
first putting each value into avar[tKey] where tkey is each (stored)
key name


On 10/06/05, Pat Trendler <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Martin,
> Yes, it certainly wouldn't work in your example. The global would have to
> exist in the first place to have a value even if it was empty.
> I'm interested in how you are using 'do' here. Is the saved file a rev stack
> with the globals stored as custom properties, or is it a txt file. How do
> you use the 'do'?
> Pat
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