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General 2018 via use-livecode
Our new app framework is a "no brainer"

MainStack A  let’s call the " Home " stack… ala the old Hypercard days.

launches, it is the standalone build stack, with the stack fiels and an init script that initializes all the other libraries into the msg path.

it serves as an "index" to the app… it has clickable links on card 1 that

   a) poke a URL into a browser widget in a browser view stack; then opens that stack on top of Home which is never closed.


   b) Opens other ModuleStack(s)B, C, D etc.  which are destroyed on close so that Home appears again in the window


    c) just rebuilds a new set of different links on card 1 of Home (i.e. User sees it as shifting between indexes of links)

script only stacks open in the background, models, libraries, behaviors are put into use or added to stack files to support functions running the binary stacks "above". This is all working fine on desktop and on iOS

But we are having major performance issues on Android.

If acceleratedRendering is set for viewBrowserWeb stack or any of the module stacks. the window the ModuleStack(s) B, C, D are not properly drawn

If interested you can follow:

bug 19576<>

Frequently the scrolling group on cd 1 of Home dies when we go back to Home

I wonder if anyone else is doing this kind of thing?

If so how? There is no resumeStack msg sent in mobile.   (sure could us that!)

Is anyone emulating a "resumeStack" on mobile and if so, how are you doing it?  I expect we need to dispatch a msg to the Home every time we close "top" stacks to tell it to rebuild it's scrolling group and mobile scroller? But the timing is tricky… if you close stack ModuleStackC…

on closestack
  dispatch "setIndexScroller" to card 1 of stack Home
end close stack

is one option…

on closeStack
  send "setIndexScroller" to card 1 of stack Home in 500 milliseconds  # give time for this stack to get out of RAM before re-rendering
end closeStack

how do you do it?


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