Review of new LiveCode book -"LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot"

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Review of new LiveCode book -"LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot"

I've had a copy of the book "LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot" for a few days now and found it to be pretty instructive.

From the book

'This book is written for people that are already familiar with the LiveCode development environment, but have not yet explored how to use their knowledge of LiveCode to create mobile apps.'

So it's aimed at users with some familiarity with LiveCode, but I think anyone with a few hours experience of using LiveCode would be readily able to understand the mobile aspects.


I really like the format, I found this very easy to follow and logical.

Each section is broken down into chunks (yep Livecode expressions creeping in) which clearly explain what you are going to be doing, and the reasons for doing it, the objective of the task, what you need for the task (extra plugins etc), the actual task, a break down of the steps (code) used and what is termed 'Classified Intel' which may give background and extra information for the task completed.

Each task is accompanied with a screen shot of the task in operation which can be of the task in the Livecode IDE or in a mobile simulator.

Code sections are very clear with lots of white space to ease readability.

The book starts with the usual 'Hello World' example using an answer dialogue and builds on this by introduction user input and time functions.

Later in the book topics such as location, advertising and in-app purchasing are covered, all with code examples.

Standalone settings for IOS and Android are covered.

Code examples are available when the book is purchased.


Not that many.

Although the book is for IOS and Android I think it's biased a little more towards IOS than Android.
I suspect this is more to do with the the standardised features of IOS compared to the fragmentation of standards in Android.

A larger concern was that there is no in-depth discussion on scaling of mobile apps, which was a topic I think needs to be addressed.

For full app layout the 'mobGui' plugin is used. This is a good product but is aimed mainly at IOS and provides very basic Android controls.
I would have preferred non plugin layout to be discussed which would tie in with scaling.


A generally good, well laid out book with good information and examples. Easy to read and understand, but missing a crucial topic of scaling your app.

Score out of 10, a very good 8

Get it here:
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