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Runrev to PDAT palm databases

Bob Hartley
Hi All.

I have a wee app for you all. It is a wee database designer that I made for
people on the PDAtoolbox forum. A lot of the code needs cleaned up and
shortened and indeed put into the main stack and declared, however, for
newbies it is probably better as it is, in it's raw state.

see for what PDAToolbox is.

The app is usefull for newbies wanting to learn how to copy fields, rename
them etc. The is also a font changer to make labels. This shows how the
enduser without runrev can change things like label text etc.

It also shows how to communicate via the shell (never did get dynamic paths
sorted) to make a PalmOS PDAT database file IE a PDB via an external app.
Hope you find it useful. It is a free app. You can do what you like with it.
You can nick the code etc. Naturaly you should include a suitable citation
if you use it in an app.

It is windows only for converting to PDAToolbox, however if you only want a
look at a wee desktop database designer then it is naturally usefull for
all. Anyway, I'm off to do the garden. :-)

There is a wee manual on the site below.

You can get the app from

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