Save 50% by 7.5.2017 on VSP + VDN Dev Deployable Server

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Save 50% by 7.5.2017 on VSP + VDN Dev Deployable Server

Tore Nilsen via use-livecode
Valentina Developer Network lets you deploy our database & report server
royalty free with your LiveCode solution. Valentina Server supports
Valentina DB, Valentina SQLite (for scaling up your local SQLite projects),
plus Valentina Report, which works with all major databases, plus SQLite and
Valentina DB. Valentina Server works on Windows, MacOS and Linux (and
Raspbian ARM7).

You also get Valentina Studio Pro, a powerful database and reports tool. If
you are just getting the hang of SQL, the visual SQL builder tool is really

50% off is a huge savings, and a part of our Independence Day 2017 sale.

If you want to 'scale up' from a standalone application to a client-server
(or server only) solution, this ia a great way to do it.  The LiveCode
connector is included, as are many, many others. More info is here:

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Paradigma Software

Valentina SQL Server: The Ultra-fast, Royalty Free Database Server

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