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dunbarx--- via use-livecode
Sorry about starting this as a new thread: email client misbehaving.

Richard Gaskin wrote:

"Richmond wrote:
 > Of course if certain long-term stuff from the Kickstarters don't
 > appear on the Roadmap it is easier to hold LC to account than if
 > the Roadmap were to disappear completely.

Which returns us to the question I posted an hour ago about the Roadmap:
What purpose does it serve? I can imagine all sorts of reasons one might
find a roadmap useful. Some may find it useful for planning features
down the road for one's own products (provided, of course, a solid
understanding of what a roadmap is, and isn't, is in place); others may
find it useful for anticipating areas of future contributions to the
project (new widget opportunities, etc.); others may just find it
interesting to see how the company envisions growth opportunities as
reflected in feature sets. There are all sorts of really good reasons
people might want a roadmap. And then there's yours: " hold LC to
account..." If that's your interest, I see no benefit in keeping the


Why should not people who run Kickstarter things not be held to account
for their promises?

I had a Kickstarter a while ago to raise money for my Devawriter and I
honoured all my promises.

One of the reasons I was able to honour all my promises was because I
was very, very careful about what I promised.

Now folk who invest money usually do it expecting some sort of return
(even if it is only a 'Thank you' from
the homeless person who asks you for a few coins), and ducking one's
commitments and responsibilities . . .

Are you advocating what it looks like?
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