The case for not trying to be so English-like

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The case for not trying to be so English-like

Colin Holgate via use-livecode
Hi, Mark,

Very interesting was your post. And to reciprocate, will I add a few ideas !

I don't sleep - I listen to "BBC World Service" during many long nights. Fascinating!
It covers a multitude of affairs (World-Wide). I listen to it on WiFi Channels.

A recent post led me to the following, starting with the word "Dictionary", and
then went much further, talking (explaining) about the English Language !

I think (hope) that you will find this sustaining !  ..... Section :  "Plain English" !

Six podcasts (about 15 minutes, each) about the English Language.

If you like it, please let me know - I love English, but I also learned to love French,
simply because LANGUAGE is our only attempt at communicating with others.

BBC World Services is the finest radio service that I have ever encountered !

Best Regards

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