Trying to track down the reason for slow downloads

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Trying to track down the reason for slow downloads

Geoff Canyon via use-livecode
Dear List Folks,

There appears to be a strange glitch with slow downloads from <>, which only affects a select handful of people. We are trying to track this down - it may be simply a random internet glitch that we can do nothing about, but we are suspicious. It seems to affect the same people, over a long period of time, which is not consistent with a random glitch.

We need more data. If you have been affected by slow downloads of LiveCode more than once, over a period of time separated by weeks or months, please email [hidden email] <mailto:[hidden email]> with the following information:

Your IP address
Your browser including version number
Your OS including version number
Your location (state, country)
Your ISP
When you tried (roughly), what you were downloading and how often you have been affected

Please, don't send this information to the list :). Direct to [hidden email] <mailto:[hidden email]>.

Thanks so much for your assistance!

Best Regards,


Heather Laine
Customer Services Manager
LiveCode Ltd

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