VideoGrabber on Linux

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VideoGrabber on Linux

Richmond Mathewson-2

Just been "farting around" with a couple of webcams on my Linux boxes
and wondered ..........................

Although the [outdated] documentation says Mac 'n' Win only; Err "Steve
'n' Bill".

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Re: VideoGrabber on Linux

Martin Koob
VideoGrabber is Mac and Win only.   According to the 4.6.3 release notes it will eventually be replaced by revCapture.

From the release notes
Mac – revCapture video capture library (4.6.1 – experimental )
The revCapture library is begin developed as a replacement for revVideograbber – utilising the most
up to date APIs on each platform, and eliminating many issues the previous library had (including
problems introduced by Apple with iSight video-capture in 10.6.5 onwards).

At this time, the revCapture library is Mac-only, and is integrated as part of the revVideograbber
external; it will be moved into its own external and become cross-platform over time.

So it looks like the future of VideoCapture on Linux and all platforms is in revCapture.

I don't think there have been any changes with revCapture since 4.6.1. Hopefully revCapture will get some attention in one of the next versions.  

I am still using Videograbber on the Mac.  The problem with capturing from the iSight camera introduced in 10.6.5 was resolved in 10.6.8.  It also works in Lion.  

I am looking forward to revCapture on the Mac though, but there are still problems that need to be worked out before I can use it.  I have posted some bugs regarding that on the QCC.

If you have feature requests or bugs post them to the QCC with some votes so we can bring some focus to videocapture.