What do you use for preliminary ads?

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What do you use for preliminary ads?

Bob Sneidar via use-livecode
I am struggling to figure out the order of events for how to do this.

I am creating an app called Augmented Earth. The app will be made available
for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, and maybe Linux if the browser widget works
on that platform.

I have an ad space set aside at the top of the app, in a separate browser

I am trying to register with MobFox, but I have an odd problem.

I feel that I need to have the coding for the ad space ready, before
releasing the app. That means I need to be signed up for MobFox and
register my app with them. However, they require that I have an iOS bundle
number for the iOS version. Which would mean that I would need to put the
app on the app store before I get the ads integrated. But I need to
integrate the ads first, so the app is complete...

So, that is a big circle of cause and effect there. I think I can work
around it by having some sort of stand-in advertisement for the ad space.
Then I can release the app. Then, I can update the app with MobFox

I have encountered another issue with MobFox, so we'll see if they are

Anyway, long rambling question to ask, what do you use as a stand-in
advertisement until you are able to start using ads from an ad provider?

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