When moving from desktop to mobile - size matters!

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When moving from desktop to mobile - size matters!

Dave Kilroy
I have been knocking my head against this problem for a while (and just solved it) and thought that others might be interested...

In a little desktop standalone I made use of a tweaked version of Obello's excellent custom slider - which worked great. I was then asked to try doing a mobile version, which was fine except when I was testing the app on an iPhone 4 the 'thumb' graphic part of the slider would not slide unless I gave it an initial 'stab' to get it moving.

Eventually the answer dawned on me that perhaps the 'thumb' was too small for my fat fingers so I tried doubling it's size to 44x44 and it worked very nice without need for any initial 'stab'.

So, the 'thumb' graphic at 22x22 worked fine with a mouse or even with a finger on the simulator, but not on an iPhone's screen - (forum entry here with full details http://forums.runrev.com/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=12459&p=59515#p59515).

I think Apple's HIG recommends 40x40 pixels, but a 'thumb' at that size looks a bit silly, have any of you used 30x30 pixel controls and got through Apple's acceptance process?

Kind regards

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