Why is LiveCode not being included in British Exam board curricula?

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Why is LiveCode not being included in British Exam board curricula?

Tore Nilsen via use-livecode
I spend quite a spot of time here:


[ where I am, arguably, even less popular than here ]

and it has become obvious very quickly indeed
that British teachers (who are mainly far more
interested in getting their pupils to pass the exams rather
do anything to challenge the status quo) revolve around
C++, Java and Python, with the odd bit of Visual BASIC.

The main reason for this seems to be the people who
determine what the curricula should be (and they are probably
"talking heads" in the Ministry of Educations in both
England and Scotland) rather than the teachers themselves.

However, I do feel a bit lumpy when it turns out
that the Computing At School thing is underwritten by MicroSoft
and Google among others.

LiveCode is as near as we will ever get to a perfect teaching environment

[ this being born out by a 15 year old who is currently "doing" C++ at
and after 6 months has not got to decoding a comma-delimited text file,
or any other external data at all; he is currently doing that with me in
BBC BASIC (go figure) and LiveCode in week 3 of my summer classes. ]

yet it is just not being pushed, hawked, flogged, whatever enough.

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