Window and screen management: windowBoundingRect

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Window and screen management: windowBoundingRect

Bob Sneidar via use-livecode
I am writing some code to intelligently deal with a multi-window
application for people with multiple monitors. These are things like
remembering the last window position when quitting and if when starting
up that position was on a secondary or more monitor, positioning the
window to the main monitor.

However, I am now trying to deal with window minimization or
maximization. The windowBoundingRect global property controls the bounds
of a window when maximized, but this (in LC9.0.1) is a singular
property. Shouldn't there be a version called the windowBoundingRect[s]
that lets you set the bounds on monitors other than the default or is it
just assumed that on all monitors other than the default that the
windowBoundingRect equals the screenRect for that monitor?

Has anyone out there done a library for window management on multiple
monitor setups?

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