XAML tools, viewers and converters

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XAML tools, viewers and converters

** Clarence P Martin ** via use-livecode
I am testing different tools, viewers and converters before starting
writing a script that would import Xaml files.

Could you post which applications do you use to work with Xaml files?

Although Inkscape could save svg as xaml, I found svg2xaml.exe
more useful to convert svg files to Xaml:

Probably, Mike Swanson plug-in XAMLExport.aip does a better work converting
svg to xaml, but I do not have
Adobe Ilustrator CC 2014 to test it:


Xaml viewers that I found useful are Kaxaml and Okino Xaml File Viewer:


If you know about other tools, viewers and converters, then test and post
your results, using these attached xaml and svg files.

Download the example xaml and svg files (65k) from forum post:

Many thanks in advance!

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